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Get easy, do-it-yourself access to services or tasks that would otherwise require you to call or visit the bank. Want to change your username or password? Need to request a check copy or update your address? Take care of it online whenever it's convenient for you.

Because your satisfaction is our highest priority, Huntington online banking specialists are available every day to answer your questions and listen to your comments.
Telephone 1-877-932-2265
Hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mailing address Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
41 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

My Information

Customer Service Page

To update information about your information, click any of the options listed in the My Information section under the Service Center sub-menu navigation option under the Customer Service tab. Update with the most current and accurate information, this will allow Huntington to keep you better informed about your account information.

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Customer Service Page

To change your password, click the "Change My Password" link found listed under "Security Services".


Use the new password the next time you log on.

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Update Secret Questions

Customer Service Page

To update your secret challenge questions, click Update My Secret Questions on the sub-menu under the green tabs at the top. This will bring up a screen listing your current Secret Questions. Select upon the Secret Question you would like to update; you will be able to provide a new answer for that question or select a completely new secret question.

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Account Services

Reorder Checks and Supplies

Customer Service Page

To reorder checks, click the Reorder Checks and Supplies option in the Account Services box within Customer Service. You will be prompted to select an account and verify your address before continuing with your order.

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Stop Pay

Customer Service Page

To stop an unprocessed check:

  1. To see if it has cleared, go to the Account Detail page, select the account and date range, and click the Go button. If it has cleared, it will appear under Transaction History. (You can also search by check number to find it.)

  2. If it hasn't cleared, go to the Customer Service page and select either Stop Payment on a Single Check or Stop Payment on Multiple Checks.

    To stop a single check:

    Select an Account.

    Type the Check Number.

    Type the Amount with no dollar sign; commas are optional.

    Type the Payee.

    Type the Date that the check was written (MM/DD/YYYY format), or click the small calendar button, choose the month and year at the top, and then click the day.

    Select the Reason.

    Click Stop Check.

    For a range of checks, select an account and enter the Starting Check Number and the Ending Check Number. Click Stop Multiple Checks.

  3. A confirmation message will be displayed.

If you are interested in deleting or changing a Bill Payment, please see Viewing, changing or deleting a payment in the >Bill Pay section.

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Research a Transaction

Customer Service Page

To ask a question about any transaction:

  1. Look on the Account Transaction page for information about the transaction and note the date shown there.

  2. Click the Research a Transaction submenu at the top under the green tabs.

  3. Fill out the information requested:

    Select an account.

    Type the Date that the transaction arrived at Huntington (MM/DD/YYYY format), or click the small calendar button, choose the month and year at the top, and then click the day.

    Enter the Amount of the transaction.

    If the transaction is a check, type the check number.

    Type the Payee.

    In the bottom box, describe what you would like to know.

    Choose Request Research.

You will receive a reply message within 24 hours.

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Message Center - Sending and Receiving Messages

Customer Service Page

To send a message to a Huntington online banking specialist (please note: one cannot initiate sending a message from a Security Alert):

  1. On the Customer Service | Message Center page, click Send Message.  (Or click Contact Us from anywhere within Online Banking.)

  2. From the "Send a Message" page, you can submit a freeform request or question to Huntington using the following steps:

    1. Click the Subject field and select a subject.

    2. Click the Select Account field and choose an account.

    3. Click the Message Body field and type your question or comment. The text will wrap to fit the box; you do not need to press Enter at the end of each line.

    4. Click Send Message. You should see a confirmation that your message has been sent, and can expect a reply message within 24 hours.

To read a message from a Huntington online banking specialist:

  1. Look for notification about new messages in the upper right header section of the page: "1 new message."

  2. Click the link to see the messages on the Customer Service page.

  3. To read a message, click its message number in the Message Inbox.

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