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Your online bank provides a convenient way for you to view your accounts and balances over the Internet.

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Speaking with a Huntington online banking specialist
Getting started
Using the My Accounts page
Definitions of terms used on the My Accounts page
Display of Negative Numbers
Seeing transactions and other details for an account
Account nicknames
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The Account Detail page gives you an up-to-the-minute overview of an account and its individual transactions.

How do I...

View a different account
View other dates
Sort transactions differently
See definitions of terms used in the account information
Interpret the transaction information
See Pending Transactions
What's this transaction?
See Scheduled Payments and Transfers
Return to the main view for this page
Search for certain transactions based on date, type, category, or payee
Change the Payee or Category for a transaction
Copy information into QuickenŽ
Change an Account Nickname
View an image of a particular check
Create budget, tax, or cashflow reports
Ask Huntington to research a transaction

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Using the My Accounts Page

My Accounts Page

Once you log in online banking, you will see the My Accounts page. It provides an overview of your accounts and is a starting point for the rest of your activity.

From the My Accounts page, you can:

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Account Balance

Account Balance w/ODP

Available Credit

Account Nickname (You can change the nickname)

Account Number

Current Balance

ODP Funding Account

Overdraft Protection(ODP)

Principal Balance

Remaining ODP Amount

Today's Beginning Balance

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Display of Negative Numbers

All Pages

Negative numbers are displayed in red text within Online Banking. For example, a negative value of $1.50 would display in the system as "-$1.50".

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Account Details

My Accounts Page

Click the Account Nickname to see details about an account, including a list of transactions. This takes you to the detail page and shows you transactions for the past month for the account that you clicked. (This is the same as clicking the detail sub-menu item, selecting the account in the upper right, and clicking Go.)

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Account Nicknames

My Accounts Page or Account Transaction Page

A nickname is a description to help you identify an account. By default, it is the type of account - "Checking" or "Money Market," for example. If you have more than one account of a particular type, you may find it convenient to customize the nicknames into, say, "Ed's Checking" and "Rita's Checking." Feel free to change the nicknames any way you'd like. They only affect what is displayed to you on the screen, and don't actually change anything about your accounts at Huntington.

To change a nickname:

  1. From the My Accounts page, click the Account Nickname.

    Or, from the detail page, select the account (drop-down field on left) and click Go.

  2. Now that we're on the detail page with the proper account showing, click the Nickname near the middle of the page.
  3. Type a new nickname, which can include spaces.
  4. Click Update.

The new nickname will now show up wherever this account appears in your online bank.

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Reading Messages

My Accounts Page

If you have messages, new security alerts or new statements/notices from Huntington, you will see a line like this in the upper right corner of the My Accounts page:

To read your new messages, click the message link portion of this line to go to the Customer Service page and read your messages.

To view your statements or notices, click the statements or notices link portion of this line to directly view the statement or notice.

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Pay Now

My Accounts Page

To make a payment to a Huntington Installment Loan, Credit Card, Lease, Mortgage, or Personal Line of Credit, you can click the link titled 'Pay Now' located to the right of each eligible account.

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Account History Selection

My Account | detail Page

Use the Account Information and Transaction History selection areas to choose what information is to appear on the rest of the page.

  1. To view a different account:

    Click the arrow to the right of the Select Account field.
    Click the account that you wish to view.

  2. To view transactions for another range of dates:

    Click the From Date or the To Date field, and type the date in MM/DD/YYYY format,

    or ...

    Click the small calendar button to the right of the From Date or To Date field. When the calendar opens, select a month and year at the top and then click on a day.

  3. To update the page with these new settings:

    Click the Go button.

  4. To sort and group the transaction lists in a different way:

    Click the Date, Type, Payee or Category column heading. To return back to the date view (default), click the date column heading.

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Account Report Selection

My Accounts | detail page

To view additional reports, select the drop down located on the right side of the Transaction History section. Options reports include:

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Account Information

My Accounts | detail page

The Account Information area shows a high-level view of the account based on the date range selected in the Transaction History section. This information varies by account, but might include (in alphabetical order):

Account Balance

Account Balance w/ODP

Account Name - You can assign a new nickname

Accrued Interest

APR (Purchases)

Interest Rate/APY

ODP Funding Account

Overdraft Protection(ODP)

Remaining ODP Amount

Today's Transactions

Today's Beginning Balance

The Pay Now button appears if you are viewing a credit card, personal credit line or installment loan account. It lets you make a credit card, personal credit line or installment loan payment by transferring funds from another Huntington account or from an account at another bank.

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Transaction History

My Accounts | detail Page

The Transaction History area shows all transactions for the account based on the account and date range selected.

Information varies by view, but might include:

You can search for one or more transactions, assign payees or categories, or request that an online banking specialist research a transaction.

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Pending Transactions

My Accounts | detail Page

Pending transactions are listed for the account selected in the Account Information area. These transactions have been received since Today's Beginning Balance was calculated during the last overnight processing. They include all Bill Pay payments scheduled to be processed against this account today. These transactions are reflected in the Account Balance, which is the amount you can use right now. After the next overnight processing, they will move up into the Transaction History list.

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What's This Transaction?

My Accounts | detail Page (Pending Transactions)

What does "OD Fee-24 HR Grace" mean?

What's this transaction for $1.00?

There is an amount within Pending Transactions that I don't recognize. The transaction still hasn't cleared my account. What is an ACH item?

What is an ATM/POS item?

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Scheduled Payments and Transfers

My Accounts | detail Page

In this section, you are able to see a combined list of unprocessed Bill Payments and Transfers that are scheduled within each service for future payment over the next 30 days. For recurring payments, only the next, payment is displayed (example: if you pay your orthodontist $100 a month through Bill Pay, only one payment will appear in the Future Dated Payments and Transfers list). This list includes payments that will process tonight.

To change or delete a particular Bill Pay or Transfers payment, click its date. This will take you to the service's Pending Payments page where you can edit the transaction.

You can also see and edit this entire list of transactions noted in Pending Payments.

Need help interpreting the information?

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My Accounts

My Accounts | detail Page

The detail selection on the sub-menu at the top left of the page returns to the main view for this page:

My Accounts Detail

It is useful if you have changed views by using Search, Edit Transactions, or Download Account History.

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My Accounts | search Page

Use Search to get a custom view of your transactions. You can make custom reports by selecting transactions based on:

To search:

  1. Click Search on the sub-menu under the tabs at the top of the page.
  2. Check the information in the Required Search Criteria area and change if necessary.
  3. Enter information in at least one row in the Optional Search Criteria area.
  4. To select by Amount or Check Number, you'll need to choose from the drop-down list in the left field, then type a number in the right field (omit the dollar sign). Other lines have drop-down arrows from which you can choose.
  5. Click the Search button in the middle of the page.
  6. View the search results at the bottom of the page. These are all the ones that match the Required Search Criteria and Optional Search Criteria.

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Assigning Payees and Categories to Transactions

My Accounts | detail Page

You may want to assign categories and payees to your transactions so that you can create special reports or search for transactions that have certain payees or categories.

To assign or change the payee or category for a single transaction, or to create a new payee or category:

  1. In the Transaction History list, click on the transaction's date. 
  2. To change Payee, click the arrow to the right of the payee and select from the list.
  3. If the selection you want is not on the drop-down list, click in the New Payee field and type text to identify the payee. Payee names are case-sensitive and can contain spaces. To remove a payee from a transaction, choose a blank line from the drop-down list.
  4. Payee information is for your own use. Feel free to create as many payees as you need, and call them anything that you'd like. Huntington does not actually pay anyone based on these values (as opposed to Bill Pay payees, which are entirely different). They are simply a way for you to display and report your transactions in different ways.
  5. To change Category, click the arrow to the right of the category and select from your list of categories.
  6. If the selection you want is not on the drop-down list, click in the New Category field and type some text to identify a new category. To remove a category from a transaction, choose a blank line from the drop-down list.
  7. Categories are useful if you want to separate transactions for budgeting, reporting, and tax purposes. Feel free to create as many categories as you need, and call them anything that you'd like. Huntington does not act on these categories other than offering reports based on them.
  8. Click Update Transaction.

To assign or change the payee for multiple transactions:

  1. Click Edit Transactions on the sub-menu under the tabs at the top of the page.

  2. Use the arrows to the right of the Payee and Category fields. To remove an unwanted category assignment, choose the blank selection at the top of each drop-down list.

  3. When finished assigning payees and categories, click Update Transactions at the bottom.

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Download Account History

My Accounts | download account history Page

To copy transactions into QuickBooks® or Quicken®:

  1. Use the Account History Selection area to display transactions to be downloaded.
  2. Click Download Account History on the sub-menu under the tabs at the top of the Account Transaction page.
  3. You can choose to download directly into Quicken® 2009 or later, or you can create a QIF file. Earlier versions can import QIF files.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why don't my Online Banking Categories download into Quicken?

    To download your Online Banking Categories, you will need to select the Download in a QIF Format button and import the file into Quicken. (Unfortunately, the newer download formats for Quicken don't include a category field.)

  2. Why am I receiving the error message, Unable to Verify Financial Institution when I try to download?

    This error message occurs if you have set up your account for online banking through the Quicken software. This process is not necessary when downloading from Online Banking - it is used with our PC Banking product. In order to resolve this problem you will need to:

  3. After I download a file, Quicken doesn't recognize it. What should I do?

    The file association may have changed or not be correct.

    Please try the following based upon the version of Windows you are using.


    1. Double-click on the My Computer icon on the Windows Desktop.
    2. Select Options or Folder Options from the View menu.
    3. Select the File Types tab.
    4. Select and remove all Open Financial Exchange and Quicken Import File Types.
    5. Click OK.

    Windows XP, 7 and Vista versions
    1. Double-click on the My Computer icon on the Windows Desktop.
    2. Select Folder Options from the Tools menu.
    3. Select the File Types tab.
    4. Select and remove all Open Financial Exchange and Quicken Import File Types.

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Research Transaction

My Accounts | details Page

To send a question or comment about a particular transaction to a Huntington online banking specialist:

  1. Click on the transaction's date.
  2. Click Research Transaction (just above the Date Entered column).
  3. Make any necessary adjustments to the information displayed. This information will be forwarded to an online banking specialist, along with your message.
  4. Type your message in the box.
  5. Click Request Research.
  6. Later, check the Customer Service page to see if you have received a response.

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